The business you’ve put everything into, with no clients are showing up.

Wasn’t a part of the plan.

The life you cut and paste on your vision board that isn't manifesting. (The dream vacation you were giddy about...that may end up being a staycation.)

Wasn’t a part of the plan.

Those pesky money blocks keep coming back up, every time you don’t charge what you’re worth.

Wasn’t a part of the plan, neither.

Every limiting belief preventing you from pushing towards your dream of being a highly successful well paid woman-and still keeping you small...

I promise you…none of these feelings and things are in vain or random.

The authenticity you seek, for someone to see through the façade and pull you out of your rut is NOW.

Someone you can trust to help you build a business you love, one that brings in new clients & income CONSISTENTLY every single month. 

And to ultimately live out what’s on your vision board and for it not to be, just a static piece of misplaced fixture on your wall... 

It has now become your blueprint for a more fulfilled and Abundant life.

Sounds like a better plan in motion.

Hi, I’m Julie, an Online Business Strategist and Best-Selling Author. I'm on a mission to help women, from around the world, monetize their passions and build a business that brings in consistent income every single month!
JUlie Cornish

I know from experience, transforming your life can be hard…really hard.

Going through a massive depression, living in total poverty…(yes, including cockroach roommates and ramen noodle dinners), and completely abandoning my career as a ballerina. I lived with chronic pain for more than 20 years before deciding, the corporate route might not be for me.

I believed happiness was something you could acquire through things. And as a reformed shopaholic, I can guarantee you --that that is not the case!

Fast approaching my 40’s is where (at the corner of lost street) I realized; I couldn't continue living a lie and a life I loathed.

Learning the hard way… and making many mistakes along the way...I’ve build a life & business I truly love!

I'm dedicated to helping as many women as I can build a life & business that is aligned with goals. We can most definitely manifest some of those top luxury wants, too ;)

Get ready to live out your fabulously Abundant life & business, straight from your vision board!

I hope you have everything your truly desire on there because we’re going to bring it to life!


Ballerina Dreams

Leaving home to chase my dream at 12 years old


Corporate Ladder

When I was playing the part with power suits and Prada shoes (I kept the shoes)


Loving the heck out of my dog Stella while running a business that brings in consistent income every single month