The Last Time I checked...

You wanted a business that freed you from the corporate cube…

That allowed you be your own boss, set your own schedule and spend time how and where it matters to you...

And makes an impact, helping others with your unique talents.

Problem is, you know exactly where you want to be...just not how to get there.

I'm here to guide you ... and trust me the journey will be as much fun as the destination!



Join the Happiest & Most Abundant Community on the Planet!

The Co-Creative Circle

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Hi! I'm Julie

I'm an Online Business Strategist and Best-Selling Author with more than 15 years experience in Marketing. I help women, from around the world, build a profitable & sustainable business online. 

I specialize in creating value-packed, result-centered programs that gets my clients consistent sales every single month, while having lots of fun in the process.